“Sports Carnival 2023” of the CPDL Family

Sports Carnival 2023

A glimpse of the delightful “Sports Carnival 2023” of the CPDL Family!
It was a day full of fun, team spirit, and camaraderie. Everyone had a great time and the carnival was a great opportunity to build relationships among coworkers and strengthen our family culture. Every teams worked together to complete challenges and participate in friendly competitions, helping to foster a strong sense of teamwork and team spirit.
CPDL Family members were able to compete in four exciting games: Badminton, Carrom, Table Tennis and Ludu. The atmosphere was festive and enthusiastic, with plenty of cheering and camaraderie. The badminton tournament was fast-paced and heated, with some truly spectacular shots from all participants. The carrom tournament was intense, with players taking careful aim to pocket their pieces and outwit their opponents. The table tennis tournament saw some exciting rallies, with players displaying impressive agility and skill. Finally, the ludu tournament was a strategic affair, with players making calculated moves to gain the upper hand.
At the end of the carnival, prizes were awarded to the top competitors in each game. Everyone was in high spirits and left feeling energized and excited, looking forward to the next CPDL Sports Carnival.