Quality Assurance & Work Safety

To ensure right quality and proper services, knowledge sharing is very much important for the workforce. That’s why CPDL Family arranges interactive sessions regularly which helps to develop technical and management skills, interpersonal communication and leadership skills, or any other related area of skill development.

On 14th August, 2022 we have organized an awareness session titled “Quality Assurance & Work Safety” at one of our remarkable projects named “Rahim’s Plaza De CPDL” where through interactive sessions we are trying to share knowledge regarding how to improve our quality of work as well as construction sites risk and hazards and possible remedies to overcome those risk and hazards.

CPDL Family believes that trained and skilled members are invaluable assets to the family as well as to the entire society. Such initiatives shall continue to enhance the knowledge level of personnel regarding quality of work as well as safety at workplace.