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To ensure the consistency of overall performance and to make sure a sustainable growth of the Family, CPDL considers setting a Family Philosophy which would: 

  • Define the ideal image of the Family 
  • Outline efforts and actions necessary to realize this ideal. 
  • The Philosophy shall also make all members to have a uniformity to feel that, 
‘We are the brand and we are CPDL’

In continuation to this, CPDL officially took an initiative in 2016 to determine a suitable philosophy for the Family; a philosophy that will be suitable for everyone to understand CPDL's operations in an easy and proper way. At the same time can set the guiding principles for the members based on which the Family shall develop and expand its business further. 

The philosophy has been written in a bilingual booklet which has been circulated to all members of the Family and a formal session was conducted to explain the entire idea amongst all the members.