Park Residence – The Living Poetry

We walked hundreds of miles


We made sapphire-love,

To find the power in harmony

It was so rare, yet we were Emerald -lucky

Found the peace, the ease, the life

in harmonious love under the blue,

blue Sky..


A dream to make an elevated, elegant and blissful living, to create a star class living craft, the dream is now cherished. Crimson Clover is standing tall as the signature of the living lifestyle. We took the courage and pride, now dare to dream further. We are going to script The Living Poetry, the ultimate lifestyle property Park Residence at Panchlaish.

Only two units per floor, ‘Emerald’ and ‘Sapphire’ named after the precious stones, with adequate parking including guest parking, elevators, generators as general amenities, Park Residence is not just a property with some well-described facilities; it is a true piece of art, crafted carefully, all possible aspects were examined and assessed to bring the best for the inhabitants, keeping ahead the priceless experience gathered from Crimson Clover.

‘ Emerald ‘

The emerald home

The home so Green

The sights it holds

You have never seen.

‘ Sapphire’

Just when the sun illuminates

Upon the sapphire skies,

Inspiring magical afterglow,

With dreams fulfilled,

In ecstasy,

Leaving a warm and peaceful impression.


Top to bottom of this unique craft, every square inch, shall recite the poetry of living lifestyle. Nature, luxury, comfort, and safekeeping have been blended to enhance the expectancy of the property. There will be a guest lounge lavishly furnished to welcome all the outbound guests, Concierge management system and well-planned lobbies to enhance the security management on prior consideration.

Carnelian Cove – The banquet facility with pantry arrangement named after the unique stone, Carnelian, a stone of creativity. The facility is planned and designed keeping the home and family parties of the inhabitants in mind.

The full facility Kids play area, the ‘Joy Park’ – is planned and designed to bring back the long lost fearless freedom of the children, in this crisis period of scarcity of open playfield, we are going to provide the smartest possible solution.

‘The waves of Life’ – The swimming pool, Semi-open swimming pool, to keep you refreshed and peaceful.

‘Sky Park’ – The cultivated, farmed and property nursed rooftop garden and walkway to keep your environment green and fresh. It is rather a compassionate art to keep you free from boredom and monotony, this vivid & joyous sky garden shall enhance your life with ‘green freedom’.

‘The Portico Lounge’ – The cozy and warm & comfortable guest lounge designed & furnished exclusively for your outbound guests.

‘The Club House’ – The Club House is placed to ensure in a healthy environment for indoor games designed for table tennis & pool.

‘Fitness Canto’ – The fully equipped gymnasium all are planned to enchant one in this living poetry.

‘The mind, when housed within a healthful body possesses a glorious sense of power.’ Physical fitness is the first requisite of Happiness. Our interpretation of physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pressure.

– Joseph Hubertus Pilates


‘Knowledge Harbor’ – Perhaps no place in any community is so totally peaceful as the library. The only ingress requirement is interesting to read, which drives everyone towards purity and happiness.


There are so many more facilities and a bagful of experience of Facility Service Management shall be standby to optimize the ease of life.

We are going to create this panache, exclusively for those who missed the great opportunity to own Crimson Clover.

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