Crimson Clover – A Walk In The Star

“The Sun in Crimson Clover

Rises with its beaming glory

Every day it starts with a happy story”


Crimson Clover, the first-ever Lifestyle Property in Chittagong, with all its amenities and features is a unique creation.

This 52 apartment’s STAR CLASS condo stands for the ultimate prestige and elegance of its owners and the residents. Typically each floor contains 5 distinguished apartments named Amaranth, Bluebell, Camellia, Daffodil & Easter.

From the entrance to the top of this blissful craft, every square inch sings for an elevated lifestyle. Nature, luxury, comfort, and safekeeping have been blended to enhance the expectancy of the property, which has attracted the residents in a greater way.

Luxury Lifestyle Features of Crimson Clover:

  • The Concierge
  • Da Entrance
  • Juvenile 
  • Blue Clover
  • Fit n Fine
  • Dew Point
  • Club House
  • Court Yard
  • Harmony Corner
  • Green Sky
  • The Regale
  • Charcoal


From the extraordinary outer lounge, ‘Da Entrance’ to the Concierge management system and well-planned lobbies, every resident feels the excellence.


The video door phone and individual access control mechanism gave the property a cutting edge standard in security management.

The full facility Children play area, the ‘Juvenile’, is crafted and managed to keep the kid-like-kids, in this crisis period of scarcity of open playfield, we have arranged the smartest possible solution.

‘Blue Clover’ – The Swimming Pool, ‘Fit n Fine’– the fully equipped gymnasium, ‘Dew Point’- the Sauna bath, all are here to keep the users refreshed and charming.

‘Harmony Corner’, the library and movie zone is there for the soulful life, ‘Court Yard’, the full-scale badminton court, is serving the purpose of outdoor sports and the ‘Club House’ for indoor sports.

And the rooftop walkway and the garden ‘The Green Sky’ is one masterpiece. The purity of green and grass surely let all to escape and enjoy the The-Green-Freedom.

The Regale, The banqueting facility to arrange various programs on joyous family occasions to make your life special.

Charcoal, The open to sky BBQ space is planned & placed to arrange parties for friends & families to the residents.


There are so many more facilities and dedicated Facility Service Management Team to enhance and elevate the blissfulness of life.  It surely is a piece of art.


The initiation of such high-end property, in the context of Chittagong, was a big challenge and the successful execution was a mammoth task. The dream is now a reality and I take the pride to invite all in Crimson Clover to feel the stardom and replenish a cheerful life.


Live in Star, Live in Tranquility.

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